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What is Grass Jelly

Grass Jelly, is a well-known jelly-like dessert and drink found in Southeast Asia.Generally,Grass Jelly comes from Mint plant family and it well grows at the temperature 25-30℃.

Type Of Grass Jelly

It can be found in various grade, size and packages. Its divided into Pure Leaf Grade, Mixed Leaf with stalks and Powder Grade

Grass Jelly Recipe
Grass Jelly typically served chilled as refreshment drinks or desserts mixed with others fruits toppings. It also serve as hot desserts during winter time.
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More About Grass Jelly
Grass Jelly has different names as according to the countries :

Malaysia - Cincau
Indonesia - Cincau Hitam
China - 凉粉 leung fan
Taiwan - 仙草 xian cao
Philippine - gulaman
Vietnam - sương sáo or thạch sương sáo
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