What is Grass Jelly ?
An Easy Made Jelly Desserts
Grass Jelly is a very popular refreshing and cooling beverages drinks and desserts in China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. It is also well known as xian cao, liangfen , cincao or chao kuai etc. Grass Jelly originally comes from mint family plant (mesona chinensis Benth).

Grass Jelly drinks is made by boiling the aged and slightly stalks and leaves for several hours; or add in adequate starch and then cooling the liquid to a jelly-like consistency desserts. Grass Jelly nowadays has been widely used in skin cares and prepared foods, such as Grass Jelly Cube, Grass Jelly refreshing herb drinks, Grass Jelly Herb Chicken, Hot Grass Jelly desserts, Grass Jelly healthy drinks etc. It becomes the main ingredient of making the Chinese herb drinks.

Grass Jelly are rich of carbohydrates, protein, pigments etc; it also contains mineral-rich elements; which helps to reduce “heat” in the body , any disease with thirst and excessive urination, helps to improve hypertension, kidney disease, diabetes, joint muscles ache, gonorrhea and etc.

仙草别名仙人冻、仙人草、凉粉草,为唇形科草本植物(Mesona chinensis Benth)之全草,因枝叶加水煎汁可制凉粉,故称“凉粉草”。凉粉是夏季消暑解渴的最佳绿色食品,一直深受人们所喜爱。目前已被大量采用于養顏美容及調理食品,如仙草凍、仙草茶,仙草雞, 燒仙草、仙草健康飲料等,也是民間常用涼茶主要材料之一.

Cultivation of Grass Jelly ?
Fresh & Dried Grass Jelly
Grass Jelly Plantation
Fresh and Dried Grass Jelly
Grass Jelly are ready to be plucked
Dried whole stalk of Grass Jelly
Plucking of Grass Jelly
Dried Grass Jelly
Nutrition Facts of Grass Jelly

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