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Quality Grass Jelly Powder
Easy Desserts Made Black Jelly
Grass Jelly Powder or Cincao is a jelly-like dessert and often mixed with water, syrup and flavourings and consumed as a cooling and refreshing drink.

Ingredient : Grass Jelly , Tapioca Starch
精选天然纯正仙草萃取, 再以现代化技术调制而成,清洁卫生, 方便使用. 可随意添加任何饮料味道,如芒果,士多啤梨等味;或蜜糖,黑糖等,即可享有清凉降热凉粉饮品.

配料 : 仙草, 淀粉
Grass Jelly Powder ( 仙草粉) :

Code (编号) : PDW-JP

Item : Grass Jelly Powder (Serbuk Cincau) 产品 仙草粉

Packing : 1kg/Pack x 15 packs = 1 carton
包装 : 1公斤 /包 x 15包 = 1 箱
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